How to Get Your “Big Break” #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

It’s simple, really.

Not easy.


And while every self-proclaimed entrepreneur is more than ready to say they “get it,” very few will actually put it into practice. 

The key to getting your “big break?”

Understanding there’s no such thing. 

You will almost certainly never have a single, solitary moment that catapults you to riches, fame, success, blah blah blah.

Because the “big break” everyone likes to fantasize about is built on the foundation of hundreds…thousands…hundreds of thousands of hours of work and failure and tiny successes. Without which that “big break” never would have presented itself.

So if you really want your “big break,” you’d be better off assuming it’s never going to come. And instead focusing on taking small, consistent steps forward every day.

Through the good and the bad.

Get 1% better every day.

And if you do that…your “big break” will come. But by then it won’t feel like a “big break” — it’ll feel like another step in the process of becoming 1% better.



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If You Don’t…Someone Else Will #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

It’s difficult to be heard in our noisy world.

Millions (billions?) of people are trying to make a name for themselves. To inch, squeeze, push, shove and wedge themselves into an already saturated online universe with seemingly fewer and fewer opportunities. 

And it’s hard — very hard — to stand out.

No matter how good your information is or how much value you bring to the table…it’s going to be a battle to get people to see you, consume your information, and follow you.

But here’s the cool part.

Someone is going to do it. No matter what. There will be new “stars” emerging every day because they didn’t give up. Because they never quit. Because when everyone else decided it probably wasn’t gonna happen…they kept on working and putting out high quality content.

So you can choose.


Or keep going.

But either way, you can rest assured if you choose to call it quits…someone else is gonna keep on hustling. 



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25 (More) Years #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

Gary wants to buy the New York Jets.

And I have no doubt he’s going to do it. Because everything Gary says he’s going to do…he does.

The other day we were driving back from coffee and I asked him when he expects it to happen. When he thinks he’ll have the ability to, legitimately, buy the New York Jets.

Probably another 25 years,” he told me. “25 more years.”

Think about that.

25 more years. 

Gary’s already been working day in and day out for over 20. He’s built an empire — numerous empires — and while most people would be thrilled to slow down, he’s prepared for another 25 years of constant hustling/grinding/etc to achieve his goal.

Puts things into perspective, huh?

While everyone else is looking for the “quick fix” and “passive income,” Gary’s preparing for 25 more years of relentless hard work.




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You Can’t Create Positivity with Negativity #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

It’s easy to be negative. Cynical. Critical of others and their work.

But it doesn’t help anyone.

It doesn’t offer any value or provide any solutions.

It’s harder to be positive. Analytical. Progressive and forward thinking.

But that’s what sparks change.

That’s what helps people, encourages them to keep pushing forward and striving to improve.

Negative is easy.

Positive takes effort.

And if you’re serious about changing peoples lives for the better…you’ll put in the extra work.



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The Credo Technique #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

Credo, in Latin, means, “I believe.”

And one of the most powerful things I’ve learned from Gary so far — as well as Tom Watson, Gary Benivenga, and others — is the power of your own beliefs.

Your values.

Your ethics.

Your morals.

Your religion.

Most people (and businesses) try to be everything for everyone and end up pleasing no one.

Don’t be most people.

Be who you are. Stand up for what you believe in. Remain true to yourself and your ideals. Never compromise them for anyone or anything.

You’ll find that when you clearly stand for something, you will never stand alone.”





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What People Really Want… #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

I can’t tell you what people really want. 

Because I don’t know. It’s different person to person,  I guess.

But I can tell you what people don’t want. Or, don’t like, rather. 





Kvetching, as my people say.

If you don’t want to run a reputable business then, by all means, complain all you want.

But if you want your business to grow with integrity. To positively influence more people. To reach a larger audience and to create a platform people are happy, excited, and proud to be a part of…

Quit hating, whining, and bitching about how terrible everything and everyone in your industry is. Because no one cares. And they definitely don’t want to hear about it.

Instead, focus on bringing people value. Helping them. Exciting them. Teaching them. Influencing them. Growing and learning with them. Making them smile.

Most won’t remember, nor care, about the person who complained all the time.

But everyone will remember, and care, about the person who helped them see the good all around them.




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Value is Always the Right Answer #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

Want to help more people?

Give more value.

Want to grow your business?

Give more value.

Want to become a respected, sought after professional?

Give more value.

It doesn’t matter how you give it (articles, newsletters, youtube, facebook, podcasts, seminars).

What matters — all that matters — is your priority is to give more value.

Because the old saying really is true: the more you give, the more you get.




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The Fallacy of Knowledge #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

Kids go to college because they’re told that’s how you secure a good job. A good life.

Many of them go to graduate school because they’re told that will lead to more opportunities. A better job. A better life.

Many people bury themselves in books. Business. Self help. Motivation.

They do the same with podcasts. Newsletters. Conferences.

They do all this because they’re told — or assume — more knowledge leads to more success.

Well, that’s part of why they do it.

They also, mainly, do it because they’re scared.

They’re scared to take action. Jump. Dive in. Get started actively pursuing their goals instead of just preparing for them. Because preparation is an easy fall back. A safe excuse. 

You can’t fail if you’re always in the preparation stage.

So that’s where they stay. Forever. Reading more books. Taking more courses. Spending more time. And gaining more “knowledge.” But never doing anything with it.

Knowledge is great. But only when it’s accompanied by action.





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