Scale the Unscalable #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

Send personal,  individualized emails — take it easy with the blasts.

Reach out to people who need your help on Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram and answer their questions — don’t try to sell them.

Pick up your phone and call your customer to say, “thank you.

Send something in the mail — something they really care about — and show them you care about them.

It’s all about scaling the unscalable.


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Better Friends #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

Ever feel like your friends don’t really support you?

Encourage you?

Motivate you?

Get happy for your success?


You need better friends.

Because the most successful people live in the most supportive environments. And that’s not by accident. They, literally, pick and choose who is worth keeping in their life.

Because — and this is important so pay attention — who you choose to surround yourself with is your choice.


So, by all means, keep bad friends in your life if you really want to — if it’s worth it to you.

But don’t forget who you choose to keep in your life is a choice. Your choice. And it’s one that can and will impact your success.



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Zero Or One #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

Gary, Mike, and I got coffee on Saturday.

I asked Gary what sparked “the switch.” What made him go from basically zero focus on health to getting a full time personal strength and nutrition coach.

It’s zero or one,” he said. “Everything in life is either zero or one.

He spoke about being “all in” or “you’re just not doing it.” And you can pretend and fake it and bull shit yourself all you want.

But you’re either all in on something or you’re not getting it done.

It’s zero or one.


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