Hate All You Want #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

You can hate social media.

You can hate online coaching.

You can hate scammy marketers.

You can hate bad coaches.

You can hate all you want.

But hating doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t make a difference. It doesn’t help anyone. And don’t try to convince yourself it does.

It doesn’t.

The way to make a positive change — the only way — is to take action. Make your own content. Give people clear, practical, helpful advice.

So before you dive into your next Facebook rant hating on Food Babe or CrossFit or sit-ups, it might be worth considering how to add to the conversation instead of hating on it.







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Take the Fall #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

It’s easy to blame others.

Especially when — in all likelihood — it was their fault.

But here’s the thing.

Nothing positive has ever come from blaming someone else. 

The person blamed gets pissed (even if they know you’re right). You look like a child, not a leader, to onlookers. And you might feel good proving it wasn’t your mistake, but the negative repercussions swiftly overshadow your “win.”

So, listen.

Take the blame.

Own it.

Let it lie with you.

Because, yes, it will build better relationships. But it’s also easier to clean up your own mess. So take the blame — put it all on you — and you’ll find it’s much faster to “clean up” than blaming it on anyone else.




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Be a Copy Cat (Seriously) #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

Gary always says his goal is for his viewers to stop watching his content; to reach a point where they no longer need it, stop watching it, and start applying it. 

Because producing — not consuming — is what’s going to help you succeed. And if you succeed, he succeeds.

To do that, he tells everyone to copy him.


He tells people to study when he’s posting. What he’s posting. How often. Where. How. Why.

And copy it.

Not verbatim, obviously. Use your own content, ideas and opinions.

But study the strategies he uses and put them into practice with your own beliefs, systems, and methodologies.

Because Gary isn’t trying to teach you how to do your job. What he is trying to teach you, though, is how to capture and use attention. Because if you can get (and keep) large scale attention…your chances of winning increase tenfold. 


PS Gary has a camera guy — we call him, “DRock” — follow him around nearly every day. So I nicked the idea (on a smaller scale) and just hired my own camera guy to film me 1 day each week for the next year.

No saying if (or how) this will positively influence my business. But there’s only one way to find out — and I figure if I’m going to copy anyone it sure as shit better be Gary.

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The Issue with Positivity #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

The issue with positivity is it’s hard.

Really hard.

Especially nowadays since negativity is so much easier.

Way easier.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to go on social media and whine, complain, bitch, moan, judge, and blame about all the bad in the world.

But here’s the rub.

Negativity never — not once — created a positive outcome.

What negativity does, all it does, is breed more negativity. More whining, complaining, bitching, moaning, judging, and blaming.

Even this post, so far, is all negative. And nothing positive will come out of it unless I end with a positive spin.

So let’s do that.

Let’s, together, make a commitment to positivity.

To showcasing the good.

Displaying the extraordinary happening all around us,  day in and day out.

Celebrating others’ success.

And shining the light on not just what we have but what we can actively do to better the world.

I’m not saying ignore the bad or sweep it under the rug.

But what I am saying is, in order to address the bad and come up with a productive solution — not just an emotional diatribe — positivity is our key.

So let’s use it.







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Your “Qualifications” Mean Jack #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

It doesn’t matter how much you “know.”

How many degrees you have.

How many books you’ve read or even if you’re the best at what you do.

Because none of that matters if people — the one’s you want to work with — don’t know you and, more importantly, how much you care.


It’s your job to show people who you are and prove to them how much you care.

The onus is on you — not them — to build and create trust. And in the online world, the best way to do that is through free, valuable, high quality content.


Over and over and over again.

Your qualifications mean jack.

Don’t expect people to come find you, regardless of how “qualified” you are.

They won’t.

Because what they’re going to do — and this isn’t a guess, it’s a promise — is find the most easily accessible person who gives value, establishes trust, and consistently proves how much they care.




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Holding Grudges is a Losing Strategy #ThatsWhatVeeSaid

The bigger person always wins.


And holding grudges — like Gary says — is useless. It’s a waste of time and hurts you more than the person you’re mad at.

Nothing bad ever comes from being the bigger person. You’ll never regret being the one to forgive, reach out, and mend a broken relationship.

Fact is, when you’re 90 years old and lying on your death bed…the only thing you’re going to regret is the inordinate amount of time you spent being angry when all you had to do was say, “I forgive you.”




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