Gary always says his goal is for his viewers to stop watching his content; to reach a point where they no longer need it, stop watching it, and start applying it. 

Because producing — not consuming — is what’s going to help you succeed. And if you succeed, he succeeds.

To do that, he tells everyone to copy him.


He tells people to study when he’s posting. What he’s posting. How often. Where. How. Why.

And copy it.

Not verbatim, obviously. Use your own content, ideas and opinions.

But study the strategies he uses and put them into practice with your own beliefs, systems, and methodologies.

Because Gary isn’t trying to teach you how to do your job. What he is trying to teach you, though, is how to capture and use attention. Because if you can get (and keep) large scale attention…your chances of winning increase tenfold. 


PS Gary has a camera guy — we call him, “DRock” — follow him around nearly every day. So I nicked the idea (on a smaller scale) and just hired my own camera guy to film me 1 day each week for the next year.

No saying if (or how) this will positively influence my business. But there’s only one way to find out — and I figure if I’m going to copy anyone it sure as shit better be Gary.