Gary and I were having breakfast this morning when, without warning, he dove headfirst into a live chat on Periscope.

I’m barely a month in so I’m still getting used to him doing stuff like this.

Then he flipped the camera, told me to introduce myself, and asked me to briefly talk about his tight adductor (which he’s stoked to feel improving).

This all happened in, call it, 25 seconds.

Out of nowhere.

In the middle of breakfast.


After I fumbled over my words for a hot minute he took over and went on one of his famous mini-rants, this time about Nintendo and how they’re crushing it with Pokemon Go.

I don’t know anything about Pokemon Go — nor do I care to — but something he said hit home with me and I want to chat about it with you.

You’re only as good as your last at bat.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 0 for 19; if you walk out in the bottom of the 9th and hit a game winning home run you’re a hero.

Same works in reverse.

It doesn’t matter if you’re batting 1,000; if you strike out and cost your team the game you’re at the bottom of the barrel.

And this analogy holds true in all aspects of life, business especially.

No matter how “little” you’ve done or how “far” you have to go…it doesn’t matter. Because all that matters is you keep stacking up little victories — like hitting a single — over and over and over again.

Because eventually the singles will turn into doubles. Doubles into triples. Triples into home runs. And home runs into grand slams.

Yea, you’ll strike out along the way. Probably get hit with a few wild pitches, as well.

But as long as you keep working, keep trying, stay consistent, and never give up…you’ll get to where you want to be.

Just don’t forget, once you “get there,” you still gotta work. 

Because no matter how good you are, you’re only as good as your last at bat.